"We are NOT Las Vegas"-Part III

Proposed digital billboard ZA-329-19, 4105 N. 44th St.

Proposed digital billboard ZA-329-19, 4105 N. 44th St.

"We're not Las Vegas!"  That’s what neighbors are saying about the continued assault that digital billboards put on our neighborhoods, our local roads and the areas where our neighborhood stores are.

If this one becomes digital, there are 2 more (one closer to 44th St on Indian School, and one on 44th St north of Indian School) that could also get converted to digital.

The boards of Arcadia Osborn Neighborhood Association and Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association both voted to oppose this digital billboard. Many other neighbors are opposed to this proposal as well.


Twice before in the past 2 years, your emails helped stop the assault on our residential neighborhoods from bright, flashing "digital" billboards--BUT THEY WANT TO DO IT AGAIN– SO WE MUST STOP THEM AGAIN. In the next 2 days, please take 10 minutes to send emails as explained below.

WHAT IS THIS DISPUTE ABOUT? As outdoor lighting becomes cheaper, more “digital” billboards keep popping up, with multi-color LED lights invading our homes, yards and neighborhoods and lighting up the sky day and night – WITH NEW MESSAGES FLASHING EVERY EIGHT SECONDS !!!

Last year, neighbors joined to stop a digital billboard proposed on E. Indian School Rd. Now, there’s another proposal – and we need to stop it this week. If we don’t stop this billboard, you can expect more digital billboards coming to a street near you! (To give you an idea what a trend this is, there are FOUR digital conversions on the hearing agenda at the city JUST THIS WEEK!)

Here's what we're asking you to do to help us fight this case:

•Send an email ASAP to:
address #1: zoning.adjustment@phoenix.gov
with a c.c. to:

  • address #2: Hannah Bleam, Sign Dept (Hannah.bleam@phoenix.gov ) and be sure to say “Subject: ZA-329-19, 4105 N. 44th St ”

  • address # 3: send us a C.C. of your email to AONA at: aonainfo@gmail.com

  • A separate email should be sent by each individual resident at your address – each spouse, partner, adult or teenage children, etc. – should send a separate email. Ask your neighbors to do the same – it takes only a few minutes and costs nothing.   And yes, two separate emails from two people at the same address are counted separately, so please don't have spouses or parents-children all sign the same single email.

Here's a sample email for you to send (feel free to change whatever you want, especially to add more personal comments like how long you’ve lived there, etc.)

To: Zoning Adjustment Hearing Officer
SUBJECT: URGENT: Opposition to proposed digital billboard ZA-329-19, 4105 N. 44th St.
Re: ZA-329-19, 4105 N. 44th St, Hearing date: Thursday, Sep. 12, 2019
I OPPOSE ZA-329-19, which seeks a use permit to convert an existing off-premise sign at 4105 N. 44th St from non-digital lighting to digital. Allowing this use in the Arcadia neighborhood will not only increase glare and also reduce real estate values, but it will set a bad precedent that will snowball into similar requests for the conversion of existing billboards to digital in this area and elsewhere across Phoenix.  If you allow this billboard to go digital, how will the city be able to say "no" to several nearby non-digital billboards that will want to do the same? 

We already have too many billboards in our area, all within 1,000 feet of each other, and only a minority are digital - we don't need more digital billboards cramped into this small area because it only compounds the problem of visual blight for this area.

Please deny use permit ZA-329-19.
ALSO: The next hearing (the public is invited) is before the City Zoning Adjustment Hearing Officer (ZAHO) on Thursday, September 12, 2019, at 9 am at Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington Street, first floor, Assembly Room C .We will have a team ready to argue the case, but we need emails in opposition from as many neighbors as possible by Tuesday evening, September 10, 2019 .

THANK YOU for your opposition to digital billboards in neighborhoods.

PS—be sure to send off your emails against the digital billboard by Tuesday evening, September 10.