Old Cross-Cut Canal, circa 1909

Old Cross-Cut Canal, circa 1909



In 1997, a group of concerned community members banded together to oppose an arterial route that would have cut right through the neighborhood of Lower Arcadia. It was to be a major thoroughfare that spanned up 48th Street from below the neighborhood, where the current Highway 143 ends on McDowell Ave, all the way to Indian School, essentially splitting the beautiful neighborhood, known for its mid century ranch homes, flood-irrigated vibrant lawns, and historic citrus groves.


The success of the neighbors’ opposition not only preserved the neighborhood, but added to its beauty and sense of community with the creation of the Old Cross-Cut Canal Park, which runs the length of 48th, from Thomas to Indian School. It provides a green space for jogging, cycling, dog walking, and community gathering. This turn of events also brought about the official formation of Arcadia Osborn Neighborhood Association.

The Association, fondly dubbed AONA, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We continue to have a strong, clear voice when it comes to neighborhood preservation. AONA works to advocate for and inform neighbors of a variety of issues, including new builds, zoning or variance changes, crime, and neighborhood aesthetics. AONA believes strongly in follow-through of its mission statement, advocating for neighbors to prevent actions that negatively impact property values and instead promote actions that enhance community, safety, and beauty so that we can continue to enjoy life in this fantastic community and build neighborhood value.